September 17, 2020

Astrophotography – Annular Solar Eclipse

(image 1)annular lunar eclipse, shot through a solar filter. 26th Dec 2019. Ooty.  an annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon doesn’t cover the disc of the sun completely and a ‘ring of fire’ is seen.  this happens because the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than the size of the Sun as seen from the Earth.  this happens when the distance of the Moon from the Earth is lesser than it is during a total solar eclipse, when it completely covers the Sun.  (image 2)Bailey’s beads effect visible during the annular solar eclipse.  Bailey’s beads are caused because of the mountains and valleys on the Moon.  these surface features create an uneven edge of the Moon’s disk, where small ‘beads’ of sunlight still shine through the valleys for a very few seconds.

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