November 29, 2008


had a great trip to Kathmandu and Pokhra in August 2005, thanks to good friend Vikash Chemjong. it was during the height of the ‘Maoist tension’ which was always quite evident by the presence of the king’s army absolutely everywhere. and we did a pretty good job of riding around on a borrowed bike without any papers and licenses dodging the police and checkposts everywhere.
things to do before you die(unless you plan to do some serious mountain climbing in the Himalayas)– mountain flight. a one-hour flight that flies over the Himalayas, upto Everest and back.

November 28, 2008

Pashupatinath Temple

cremations on the banks of the Bagmati river at the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.

November 25, 2008

packaging design for Dabur

the client was brave enough to go ahead with the design. it’s a bit tricky in terms of storage, handling and display in Indian retail conditions, with the cutout in the outer cardboard box. the final one in production has the branding on the outer box as well. had to stick to the old logo, which isn’t that great. my first piece of work that got released.
2000. Leo Burnett, New Delhi. other credits: manas nanda, joy mohanty. published in the D&AD annual.

calendar design for Seagram

an obvious idea for a calendar for a brand whose tagline is ‘every sip is pure music’. a few details make it much easier to figure out the days. like the curved lines above the dates always connects mondays.

2001. Ogilvy, New Delhi. selected for the international
biennale of graphic design, Brno. 2002.